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We have been travelling the globe for many years in search of the power of the elements and expedition music. Now we want to share our passion, experience and knowledge in finding the remotest places of this planet with other explorers and so invite you to join our crew!
We combine sailing and wind with all the other elements and passions and go paragliding, surfing, kayaking, fishing, do mountain walks and play music.

Ben sailed around the world for almost 5 years. On his life changing journey he met amazing people and played lots of music with local musicians and recorded a music album with over 100 musicians from all over the world (Ben is a musician and sound engineer). He filmed the entire journey and his travel documentary "Blown Away" was released on 21.05.19 in German cinemas all over Germany!


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Already as a child it was Olivier’s dream to travel around the world. Years later, he added only a small restriction: "Zero Carbon", to move forward. Olivier Peyre's expedition lasted 7 years, he travelled 105,000 km and crossed 45 countries. With the bike for the element of earth, the sailboat for the element of water and the paraglider for the element of the wind. On his non- motorized adventure, Olivier travelled with former prisoners through the Caribbean, met Western Australia's hostilities, flew over the isolated foothills of Tibet with his paraglider, and survived an air force attack in Turkey.

Olivier Peyre


Yoga-Coach Iris Binder, die Bewegung und Körperarbeit liebt und sich seit 25 Jahren in Tanz, Yoga, Stockkampf, Shiatsu und Massagen weiterbildet, entschloss sich für eine vertiefende Yoga-Ausbildung nach Indien zu gehen. Seit über 10 Jahren ist sie selbstständig mit verschiedensten Yoga-Angeboten und Yoga-Reisen!

Iris Binder

Claudio just can't get enough of boats and sailing. He spends all his spare time on the water, teaches sailing or fixes boats and engines. He really is our favorite skipper and helps us out whenever he has time.

Claudio Oster

Elena is our marketing coordinator. Once she's on a boat she never wants to leave again. For her it's the perfect freedom. Elena is also a successful instagram influencer and takes incredible pictures. Go check her out on Instagram, it's worth it!

Elena Dostal

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"Blown Away" is a documentary road movie about our four-year journey by sailboat and bus around the world and all the adventures that we have experienced - as well as the many lovely people we met on our trip.

It's about freedom, friendship and how music magically connects everything.

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