Welcome to a unique sailboat experience through the islands on the Helgeland coast! We invite you to this magnificent trip through the stunning Vega archipelago with it’s thousands of islands, islets and reefs. Enjoy our “food buffet” - the sea itself, we fish and prepare good meals along the way. The tour ends with the annual Træna Music Festival, the world's most beautiful festival. “Island magic” and sailing in the archipelago, the many boats, the exciting people from many corners of the world, and music at Norway's best festival - these are some of the highlights of this trip! We start the trip in Ålesund, one of Norway’s most beautiful towns.. From there we make our way up to the famous Himmelblå Island Ylvingen, passing the famous and historic out-island harbour of Ona, a very nice example of a well preserved old-time fishing village and Kristiansund, a highly attractive town where you can find excellent bacalao (a salt cod and tomato stew) and an excellent fish and chips stand near the town quay. From there further through the Vega-islands archipelago where we navigate smoothly among the many thousands of islands, islets and reefs. We then continue with a hike on the Seven Sisters mountains. Many Norwegian sailors consider the area between Rørvik and Bodø (and on to Lødingen) to be the most beautiful in Norway, and with good reason. There is so much variety here: fjords, islands, glaciers and the Arctic Circle. For the whole week we will have the option for midnight sun-sailing and a fantastic summer light which you will never forget. All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, then that's perfectly fine as long as you're happy! On this trip you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- as well as friends for life! Join us for the highlight of the summer!

Ålesund to Træna · 11 days

Travel Date
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