Explore the best of Lofoten · 7 days


Team up with a crew of like-minded adventurers for a true outdoor experience! Join a leg of our Norway Expedition and sail along Norway’s picturesque coast, find the most beautiful spots for kayaking, climbing, hiking, surfing, paragliding and diving, visit the Træna Festival, drop anchor on uninhabited islands, sleep outside on deck under the stars, and experience the legendary arctic northern lights. Leave the car behind and sail towards these protected, nurturing islands of Norway. This is what getting away from it all really means. This week is dedicated to the most beautiful and rugged mountains, fjords, and beaches that Lofoten has to offer. We explore the island by boat, and the whole of Lofoten is our playground. Join us on this highlight of a trip exploring the best of Lofoten! With seven days at our disposal, the Lofoten mountains seen from different angles and with the midnight sun will give us a real summer and holiday feeling. Being on a sailboat, we are flexible and move smoothly around amongst the islands. During the trip we go hiking, climbing, kayaking, surfing, fishing and when we anchor up we can make a bonfire on the beach. We will also sail to and visit some of the best and most exciting cultural sites and restaurants in Lofoten. There will be many fun moments both onboard and on land, and you will get to know the Lofoten area very well. We begin the tour in Svolvær and start sailing west to Reine, an amazing fishing village and a good starting point for fishing, hiking and fun on shore. The tour continues to Nusfjord, then through Nappstraumen to the north of Lofoten, and to Unstad. Here it is possible to surf or sup-board for those who wish. From Unstad we go to the small island of Skrova, and here from the top we have a fantastic 360 degree view of the Lofoten wall to the west, the Vestfjord in the south, and Steigen and Hamarøy in the east. In the end we top off the adventure with sailing into the fjord landscape of Trollfjorden and Raftsundet. The tour ends in Svolvær with breakfast ashore at “Kringla” at the city square, the city's best café and bakery. Along the way on this tour there are opportunities to do unplanned activities at the places we land, such as surfing at Unstad Arctic Surf. All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, then that's perfectly fine as long as you're happy! Like on all our trips, you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- as well as friends for life!

Explore the best of Lofoten · 7 days

Travel Date
  • Day 1 - Trip start in Svolvær

    The Svolvær marina will be our sailing launch point. We'll give you a little tour through our new home for the week (a Feeling 44 sailboat) and you can arrange your stuff and make yourselves comfortable. Then we'll go shopping together so we all have our favorite things to eat and in the evening we’ll cook something delicious together and enjoy tasty wine and Norwegian salmon. Life on a boat is a real team effort, one of our favorite things about it! Strangers at first, then quickly a well-oiled crew of explorers who are in it together!

    Day 2 - Sail to Reine and Reinefjorden

    At morning we set sails with course West towards Lofotodden and to Reine which, with its beautiful harbor, is probably Lofoten's most photographed spot. With arrival early in the afternoon we prepare dinner on board and when there's low tide, we sail into Reinefjorden and moor, then go on foot to Bunes beach on the north side. On the beach we can make a bonfire, cook dinner on the bonfire and enjoy life. There will also be an opportunity to climb the “Hell peak”, which rises 660 meters straight up in the air from the beach, if conditions allow.

    Day 3 - Hiking around Reine, peaks and kayaks

    We spend the morning exploring Reine. Depending on the mood you may climb Reinebringen to reach it’s fantastic view of the small town and all the fjords, or rent a kayak, or just stroll around. In the afternoon we continue eastwards to Nusfjord, one of Norway's best kept fishing town. This evening we can have dinner at "Restaurant Karoline", one of the best places to eat in Lofoten.

    Day 4 - Sail to the outer side and the surfbeach of Unstad

    We enjoy a calm morning and have a nice breakfast in the atmospheric Nusfjord. Little by little we prepare the boat for sailing and set course northwards, through the Lofoten wall, towards the famous beach Unstad on the outer side of the Lofoten mountain range. We moor at Tangstad from where we can cross the hill to Unstad by foot. At Unstad Arctic Surf it’s possible to rent surfing equipment and take lessons for those who wish. Another option is to go to the Viking Museum at Borg. In the evening we have dinner at Unstad and when everyone feels ready and satisfied we head back to the boats and have a good night at anchor.

    Day 5 - Quiet morning and sail around Austvågøy to Skrova

    After a quiet morning with a good breakfast on board, we set sail and navigate around Austvågøy and return to the inner side, through Gimsøystraumen. We pass by Henningsvær and continue to Skrova. At Skrova we go ashore and climb the small mountain peak with its beautiful view to the Lofoten wall in the west and Vestfjorden, Hamarøy and Steigen in the east.

    Day 6 - Sail to Trollfjorden and Trollheimen

    After breakfast, we sail in the direction of Trollfjorden and Raftsundet, passing both LilleMolla, StoreMolla and Digermulen. Lunch in the Trollfjord will be great! This fjord has become very famous for its steep mountains that go straight down into the narrow fjord. In the afternoon you may hike up to the Trollfjord cabin and get a feeling of the “trollish atmosphere” in Trollheimen. Who wants to set up a tent? We have camping gear with us on board... Or rather back to the boat? We spend the night alongside the quay in Trollfjorden or at anchor nearby.

    Day 7 - Cultural experiences in Nyvågar

    In the morning we will start sailing early with course for Kabelvåg and Nyvågar. In Nyvågar we find an interesting aquarium, art gallery and museum that gives a deeper insight into traditions and stories from Lofoten, a place that really gives perspectives and new insights. In the afternoon we sail for the last stretch into Svolvær. We wash and clean the boats, pack and get ready for departure the next day. As seafarers, we might check out the local nightlife. Unfortunately, the next morning we have to check out of the boat and have breakfast at Kringla, Svolvær's best bakery. Many thanks for a great trip!