Bronnoysund to Trondheim · 7 days

Expedition date: 15.08.20 - 22.08.20 (Trondheim to Ålesund) Travel time: 7 days Team up with a crew of like-minded adventurers for a true outdoor experience! Join a leg of our Norway Expedition and sail along Norway’s picturesque coast, find the most beautiful spots for kayaking, climbing, hiking, surfing, paragliding and diving, visit the Træna Festival, drop anchor on uninhabited islands, and sleep outside on deck under the stars. On this trip we start in Heiligenhafen, Germany, and sail up to the Lofoten via Bergen and all the beautiful fjords. Take in the sight of Norway's beautiful coastline and discover hard-to-reach locations that are only accessible by sailboat. After 3 weeks in the Lofoten we will make our way back along the Norwegian coast and cross the Danish Limfjord, before ending the trip after 97 days in Heiligenhafen again. Leave the car behind and sail towards these protected, nurturing islands of Nprway. This is what getting away from it all really means. Welcome to a unique sailboat experience through the islands on the Helgeland coast! We invite you to this magnificent trip through the stunning Vega archipelago with it’s thousands of islands, islets and reefs. Enjoy our “food buffet” - the sea itself, we fish and prepare good meals along the way. “Island magic” and sailing in the archipelago, the many boats, the exciting people from many corners of the world. We start the trip in Trondheim. From there we make our way down south, passing Kristiansund, a highly attractive town where you can find excellent bacalao (a salt cod and tomato stew) and an excellent fish and chips stand near the town quay. We continue south and visit the famous and historic out-island harbour of Ona, a very nice example of a well preserved old-time fishing village. From there further through … where we navigate smoothly among the many thousands of islands, islets and reefs. We then continue to Ålesund, one of Norway’s most beautiful towns For the whole week we will have the option for midnight sun-sailing and a fantastic summer light which you will never forget. All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, then that's perfectly fine as long as you're happy! On this trip you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- as well as friends for life! Join us for the highlight of the summer!

Bronnoysund to Trondheim · 7 days

Travel Date
  • Day 1 - We meet at Træna, and the adventure begins

    Check-in at 16:00 in the boats. We go through the plan and the ambition for the week, as well as important elements in sailing and safety. During the dinner and evening we get to know the other participants.

    Day 2 - Sail towards the mountains and Svartisen

    After breakfast, we cast off and practice boat handling and safety in the harbor basin. After introduction to basic sailing theory we will hoist sails with course for the long reaching Holandsfjord. In Engavågen we moor alongside the quay and prepare for summit hike next morning. The keenest ones start hiking up in the evening and stay overnight in Tåkeheimen (a very nice DNT cabin) up on the mountain.

    Day 3 - Mountain hike to Helgelandsbukken, Tåkeheimen or glacier hike on Svartisen

    Those who have stayed in the mountains start the day with a trip up to Tåkeheimen for a view over Helgeland and Svartisen. Then also there is the possibility of a guided glacier hike and course on the actual glacier for those who want. When everyone is back safely from the mountains, we gather in the boats, and sail out to the coast again, to Rødøy. We eat dinner along the way and after arriving Rødøy we do an evening visit to a nearby attraction, or a midnight sun evening walk up to Rødøyløva (last year there were 10 participants that slept under open sky on top of the mountain this night!))

    Day 4 - Morning hike to Rødøyløva, evening visit to Fleinvær and sailing across the Vestfjord

    Breakfast and morning hike on Rødøya. At 12:00 we will continue north with course for the island group called Fleinvær outside Bodø. On the way we sail past thousands of islands and reefs, including Bolga and Støtt. At Fleinvær we will have a small guided tour (tbc) and a surprise, before we set sails and cross the Vestfjord with course for Reine far east in Lofoten. The crossing of more than 100 nautical miles takes 10-20 hours depending on the weather. We divide all onboard in shifts and take turns on sleeping and sailing. This will be an exciting, challenging and a very educational day and night!

    Day 5 - “Pacific island” alike Bunes

    We arrive at Reine in the morning and make a proper pirate breakfast upon arrival! After resting and a stretch on land, we sail under the bridge on low tide and into Reinefjorden for an excursion to the Bunes beach on the north side of the Lofoten wall. Here we play on the beach, make a bonfire and prepare dinner. There will also be an opportunity to climb to the summit of “Hell peak”. In the evening we sail a last stretch to Nusfjord, where we stay alongside a quay for the night.

    Day 6 - Summit hike to Mosestind and surfing in Unstad

    Morning time in Nusfjord and possibility for a hike up to Mosestind with a great view over the Vestfjord. Lofoten has a lot to offer, and if you would like to try out surfing, this is the day to do it. We arrange transport to Unstad, and here you can rent equipment and venture into the waves. In the afternoon we relax and enjoy life with sauna and hot tub in Nusfjord, and dinner at the local restaurant “Karoline”.

    Day 7 - Sail towards Henningsvær and goodbye dinner at Trevarefabrikken

    After breakfast in Nusfjord, the last stretch goes to Henningsvær, also this one of Lofoten's most spectacular fishing villages. After sailing for a whole week, now it's time for a regatta from Nusfjord to Henningsvær, competing with the other boats. This last evening we will have some good fun with dinner on land at the Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær.

    Day 8 - Thank you for the trip

    Breakfast and final cleaning of the boat. An adventure is over for this time. Thank you for this summer's Sea & Mountainsports week.

    The program

    The program may change according to weather and conditions, but it gives an indication of how we spend the days. We start every day with a good breakfast and make a packed lunch before we go ashore. Some of the days we eat dinner right away after getting back to the boat, other days we just eat a snack at the beach, and then sail on before we make a later dinner. Some days, we spend time fishing, and time to look around. If the weather should be in disfavor of a trip on land, then we spend the day sailing or do something else fun.