SAIL & FLY in France · 7 days

Team up with a crew of like-minded adventurers for a true outdoor experience! Take in the sight of Brittany’s beautiful wild coast from at least 50m over ground and discover hard-to-reach locations that are only accessible by sailboat. When you’re in Brittany, the dreams running through your mind will be about flower-covered islands floating on top of the waves, terrains between heaven and earth. The natural world is wilder and richer here than everywhere else, but still welcoming to visitors.


Leave the car behind and sail towards these protected, nurturing islands. This is what getting away from it all really means.


Throughout the trip, we'll sail along the coast of Brittany on a Lagoon 380 catamaran for about 2 hours per day, and find a new island, bay and paragliding spot every day where we will then drop anchor in one of the countless, scenic anchorages, where you can easily unwind.


You'll venture far to the outer islands of the archipelago and get close to the amazing sea life in this unusual habitat, if lucky you may even catch a fish or spot dolphins or whales.


Your paragliding instructor Frederic Nabet will take you far and wide, teaching you how to use the wind for paragliding and about geology along the route.


The route will be adjusted each day based on weather conditions, but expect to explore the beauty of the Glénan Islands "the Caribbean of Brittany".

SAIL & FLY in France · 7 days

Travel Date
  • Day 1 - Lorient

    At the marina in Lorient, our sailing launch point, our catamaran (a Lagoon 380), all the provided gear, food and drinks for the week are waiting for us already. We'll give you a little tour through our new home for the week and you can arrange your stuff and make yourselves comfortable.
    In the evening we’ll cook something delicious together and enjoy tasty French wine and cheese.
    Life on a boat is a real team effort, one of our favorite things about it! Strangers at first, then quickly a well-oiled crew of explorers who are in it together! You’ll cook delicious meals as a team, decide on the route as a team and learn fun skills from your guides and from each other.

    Day 2 - Île de Groix

    After a rich and healthy breakfast we untie the bow lines and hoist the sails! As we always depend on the weather and wind conditions and in order to find the best locations for paragliding, the sailing route might vary slightly and has to be adjusted. However, the first stop of choice will be Île de Groix. At 7 km long by 3 km wide, Île de Groix is Brittany’s second largest island and lies 14 km off the coast of Lorient. Once a major centre for tuna fishing, Groix is now noted for its lovely and unusual beaches and its important concentration of minerals. We’ll drop anchor for lunch, dip our toes in the sand and who wants to go snorkeling?

    Day 3 - Glénan Islands

    Let's continue sailing westwards! We’ll set sails again and are headed for the Caribbean... well, almost! The seven Glénan Islands lie in the middle of the Bay of Biscay off the coast of Concarneau and are referred to as the Caribbean of Brittany or “Breton Tahiti”. The archipelago, with its white beaches and azure water, forms the antipole to the otherwise rugged rock landscape of Northern France. Some people say that the Glénan Islands are the most beautiful islands in Europe. Only accessible in summer, they are best known for sailing and diving and for having a unique indigenous flower.

    Day 4 - Camaret-sur-Mer

    The next day we will throw our anchor in Camaret-sur-Mer, a picturesque fishing village located at the extreme west of the Crozon peninsula.  Let's continue practicing our paragliding skills! Le Conquet, on the other side of Camaret is perfect for flying and here you will have your first view from up in the air in a tandem flight! The Crozon peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Regional Natural Park of Armorica. Camaret-sur-Mer is appreciated as much for its exceptional architectural heritage as for its preserved and pleasant landscapes.

    Day 5 - Île d'Ouessant

    Who wants to go surfing? Let’s do it together in the morning if the waves allow it. But in Camaret-Sur-Mer the surf is often great! If you don't know how to surf but still want to try, we will show you!  Later, we sail to Île d'Ouessant, 30km off the coast of Le Conquet. The Pointe de Pern is mainland France’s most westerly site and because of its significance in maritime history, even the rocks enjoy a protected status; one of them is painted white and was used as a marker for sailors to get their bearings. On the tip is a ruin, known as the Villa des Tempêtes, which housed a steam-powered foghorn from 1885-1900.

    Day 6 - Bénodet

    Enjoy a full day of sailing with destination Sainte-Marine. You'll venture far to the outer islands of the archipelago and get close to the amazing sea life in this unusual habitat, if lucky you may even catch a fish or spot dolphins or whales. Your skipper Ben will take you far and wide, teaching you how to use the wind for sailing and about geology along the route. Welcome to Bigouden country, where the river Odet flows into the Atlantic Ocean after reaching Bénodet and the harbour of Sainte-Marine. Bénodet is a magical little town, with trees and flowers everywhere. Just to the west is the Island of Tudy. Narrow streets, little low houses built in the traditional local style with their backs to the sea, and a 3 km long beach make this a very pleasant seaside resort.

    Day 7 - Lorient

    One of France's most famous spots, La Torche, is only a few miles away from us! Are there any good waves today? A defiant little headland, La Torche sticks out from the southern end of the wild Bay of Audierne, in southwest Finistère. Despite the Atlantic’s batterings, digs have revealed signs of communities here going far back into prehistoric times. Now, surfers love tackling the waves here. Unfortunately, our adventurous and fun week is coming to an end and we slowly have to head back to Lorient. Can we do that? Or maybe just sail to America instead? Who's in? Let's see...