SAIL & JAM Inselhopping in Griechenland (7 Tage)

Ahoy! Who want to join me on a relaxing sailing trip on a sweet catamaran sailing from island to island in Greece? The guitar is already packed! ⛵ Don't worry - you don't have to sail! You only need to have passion for an adventure & an extraordinary trip 🌏 Athens is the perfect starting point for a trip to the Saronic Island world, located southwest of the Greek capital of culture. The region is very stable in July with warm nights, low swell and bright blue sky during the day. The Saronic Sea offers beautiful empty sandy beaches on a variety of small Mediterranean islands. We have a brand new Lagoon 380 (38ft catamaran). This boat offers plenty of space for eight people with 4 spacious bedrooms, a living room with kitchen, sofa, stereo, outdoor lounge and a trampoline to relax in the front area. A special feature of a catamaran is its stability. It wobbles very little, so you don't have to worry about seasickness :-) For additional fun, we'll have 2 stand-up paddle boards, snorkel sets and a projector for our favorite beach cinema. And who am I? I am Ben. Together with a friend, I sailed around the world for almost 5 years. We travelled to 31 countries, met amazing people and made a lot of music (we are musicians and sound engineers). We filmed the whole journey and our travel documentary "Blown Away" was released in German cinemas in the 21st of May 2019. ( So, join us! Together we'll explore the beautiful Saronic island world, go sailing, swimming, diving, fishing 🐟, do yoga, watch the new cinema documentary "Blown Away" in our outdoor boat cinema 🎬, soak up the sun, chat and listen to music, music, Music🎼 .... I'm 110% sure - This will be a great adventure!

SAIL & JAM Inselhopping in Griechenland (7 Tage)

  • Day 1 - Marina Alimos (Kalamaki)

    We will meet at the Marina Alimos (Kalamaki), our sailing launch point. We'll give you a little tour through our new home for the week (a Loagoon 380 catamaran) and you can arrange your stuff and make yourselves comfortable.
In the evening we’ll cook something delicious together and enjoy tasty and fresh Greek tzaziki and wine. Life on a boat is a real team effort, one of our favorite things about it! Strangers at first, then quickly a well-oiled crew of explorers who are in it together! You’ll cook delicious meals as a team, decide on the route as a team and learn fun skills from your skipper and from each other.


    More info coming very soon!