This one is for you #boatlovers

Sail, explore and discover amazing places in the Algarve

Now is the time to get closer to nature again.

Feeling creative and ready to do something inspiring?

  • Discover the world from a different perspective, by sailboat

  • Meet a fun group of young people from different backgrounds

  • Experience different adventures and learn new skills

Algarve, Portugal

15.08.20 - 29.08.20


Join Ben on his surf adventure along Portugal's Algarve coast. Find the most beautiful surf spots and learn how to surf!

Algarve, Portugal

10.10.20 - 17.10.20


Go on your own spiritual journey and learn about free movement, relaxation in natural ways, healthy nutrition, awareness and self-competence.

Saskia, Sail&Jam 2019

For me as a musician the absolute highlight of the year! To be able to combine music with holidays was simply amazing! And Ben definitely has a knack for throwing the right "crew" together - we all had a great time and a lot of fun together!

Thomas, Sail&Relax 2019

I wanted to learn how to sail and just booked a trip with Ben. What an incredible experience! To share all these moments together - sun, time on the boat, music... Just wow  :-)

Lisa, Sail&Fly 2019

I've always been on boats since I was a child, but never on a sailboat. I've always wanted to do that. And to sail in addition to the opportunity to learn paragliding, it was clear that this was my trip! And it was better than expected. It was fun, crazy and unforgettable!


Make this trip your own. Learn, feel, grow. Make it change you.

Creative Freedom

Share all your talent and creativity with us. Let's be different together.


Meet people who have done incredible things and collect ideas for your own adventure.

Learn everything you need to know

We've travelled the world and always love experiencing new things. Now we want to share our passion, experience and knowledge with you and also want to learn from you.

Why is this trip different to others?

Of course! Sailing is our passion and soon it will be yours too! We only have carefully chosen and experienced skippers who are keen to share their lifestyle with you. 

Can I join without sailing experience?

We seek to offer an individual time on board of our sailing boats. We are happy to be on board with you and motivated to share our passion , experience and knowledge with you.

What do I learn from this journey?

More exciting trips available in 2021

Algarve, Portugal


SAIL & CLEAN Surrounded by magnificent nature, we sail to leave a positive footprint - You'll be sailing, cleaning beaches, learn about plastic and other marine litter, and hear about actual solutions to the problem.

The Atlantic Crossing


Ever dreamed of crossing the big pond on a sailboat? Stop dreaming and let's do it!  If Greta Thunberg can do it, you can do it! Learn how to sail and how to get prepared for a long-distance voyage on our expedition catamaran. 

Svalbard, Norway


What if you could talk to animals and have them talk back to you? Want to learn how to do it? Spend a week with the amazing Anna Breytenbach who dedicated her life to interspecies communication.


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